BlueProximity – Lock Computer Using Your Phone

BlueProximity is a tool which detects your mobile phone via Bluetooth and locks your computer when your Bluetooth phone is out of Bluetooth reach. If you move away from your Desktop of computer and the distance between you and computer is more than a certain limit for a given time, BlueProximity will lock it automatically. You can also execute or start any shell command using this software. Once the administrator/User come nearer than the configured level for a set of time, the system will gets unlock automatically.

Things required

1) Bluetooth Dongle

2) Mobile Phone with Bluetooth.

Steps to Install BlueProximity

Automatic (For Hardy or newer version)

BlueProximity is included in the repos of Hardy or newer version of Ubuntu and it can be installed using “apt-get”:

sudo apt-get install blueproximity

Manual Installation

For older version of Ubuntu (Older than Hardy) you will have to manually install blueproximity.

1) First you have to install Dependencies

sudo apt-get install bluez-utils python-gtk2 python-glade2 python-configobj python-bluez

2) Install latest version of python-support package from and install it using command “sudo dpkg -i”

3) Install BlueProximity

Download BlueProximity from sourceforge and install it using “dpkg”

Pair Devices

1) Insert Bluetooth Dongle on your System and enable it (and set it Visible)

2) Activate Bluetooth on your Mobile and Scan for your computer.

3) Authorize and Pair both the devices using PIN.

Steps to Configure BlueProximity

1) Open blueproximity from Accessories or execute the command “blueproximity”

2) Scan for the devices and Select the device you want to configure. (Make sure that the device is Paired with Computer Already)

3) BlueProximity Settings/Configuration/Details: Click on Proximity Details which will show following options

Set Following


Distance: 7

time: 10


Distance: 3

time: 3

4) Locking and Unlocking: By Default Proximity uses following commands to lock and unlock your screen automatically.

Locking Command: gnome-screensaver-command -l

Unlocking command: gnome-screensaver-command -d

But you can turn your monitor off at the time of lock which will save Electricity when you are away from your computer and switch it on when you return. Using Following Commands to lock&turn off and “unlock & turn On the monitor

Locking Command: gnome-screensaver-command -l && xset dpms force off

Unlocking command: xset dpms force on && gnome-screensaver-command -d

Now, get up from your chair and move few steps back!

An Overview of Mobile Advertising for Business Owners

Mobile advertising is fast becoming a widely used and beneficial method of advertising one’s products and services. Businesses have always relied on advertising to persuade men and women to part with their hard-earned cash in order to buy their products or use their services; and thus they have been quick to take advantage of any new technology that has become popular.

More specifically, mobile advertising refers to sending advertisements to a person’s mobile phone. According to the Mobile Marketing Association (they gave this definition two years ago), “mobile marketing is a set of practices that enables organisations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.” It has quickly caught on, not only among senders, but also among receivers, who need only make a single click on the ad and find themselves at the online store where they can buy the advertised product. (And with PayPal, the buying process has become even more streamlined.)

There are many different ways of marketing online. Location- based services adjust the forms of ads they send each particular recipient to suit where that person is located at present.

Quick Response (QR) codes are a way of encoding all the information about a product in digital form. The technology originated in Japan in the late 1990s and has only recently begun to be adopted in the United States and other parts of North America. The way it works is the customer browsing in a store finds something he likes, whips out his iPhone or iPad, and scans the QR code on the product. Instantly all the information about it on the web is at his fingertips, including reviews by fellow customers.

Bluetooth and Proximity Systems have also been used as channels for mobile phone marketing. Bluetooth has the advantage of its high speed of transfer; Proximity Services delivers to all consumers within a defined geographical area. Infrared has been tried too, but it probably will never catch on owing to its short wavelength.

There are those who have expressed concern that this form of advertising can become an invasion of privacy, as some mobile advertisers often send information to potential customers without their permission. But most companies will not send such unsolicited information; and the Bluetooth channel is based entirely on the receiver’s consent.

In 2003, the three- year- old Wireless Marketing Association and Wireless Advertising Association merged to form the Mobile Marketing Association, whose goal is to encourage the growth of mobile marketing world-wide. They offer a Mobile Marketer Certification program for anyone who seeks a career in the field. And every year, a Global Mobile Marketing Awards ceremony is held highlighting the best companies and their finest campaigns.