The Bluetooth Marketing: A New Trend In The Direct Proximity Marketing

A new trend appears in the mobile marketing since the beginning of 2006 : The Bluetooth marketing, or proximity marketing.

This new tool works as a direct marketing channel to end users mobile phones. The first generation of these tools established a connection with the Bluetooth enabled phones (activated and set to visible) which are within 20 meters from a dedicated hotspot. A question appears on the screen of the phone in the form ‘Do you accept content from Alterwave ? Yes / No’, where Alterwave is the name of the company willing to advertise. If the user presses Yes, the download proceeds at a speed of typ. 50kB/sec over Bluetooth. The data transfer is 100% free. A video of 500 kB would be sent in about 10 seconds.

If the user presses No, the popup disappears from the screen, and if the users does not press either key the popup will disappear when the phone leaves the Bluetooth covered zone.

This new media raises a lot of interest in the advertising and marketing industry. The kind of files that they push is images (still or animated), sounds (mp3) and video.

The risk to see the Bluetooth marketing seen as Spam does exist, but an opt-in is also possible by requiring the user to approach his phone close to a given point (typ. 1-2 meters) for triggering the download.

The challenge is now for media and marketing agencies to use this innovative tool wisely, and certainly to send value added content to the users. The Bluetooth marketing has a lot of impact on end users, so it should be used with wisdom.

Alterwave is one of the leading companies in this market.

Helping Motorbike Owners Communicate

Have you ever tried to communicate from the back of a motorbike? Making yourself heard can be a tricky thing to do, even if you are simply trying to talk to your passenger.

For those who like to ride out on their bike with friends, or maybe as part of a larger group of bikers, this inability to communicate can be something of a problem.

So why is it so difficult to have a conversation? If you’ve never been on the back of a motorcycle then the problem may not be very obvious.

The basic issue is that bikes tend to be very noisy places to be. For starters, unlike in a car, the rider and any passengers will find themselves sat extraordinarily close to the engine. This proximity is part of the thrill of being out on a bike.

In noise terms, some might also see it as hampering any conversations!

An additional factor that makes things seem that bit louder is the speed at which motorbikes travel. Racing along the open road is great fun but it does generate its own level of background noise, caused as the machine cuts through the air and as the tyres make contact with the road surface.

Finally, those of us here in the UK could not possibly forget about the extra noise provided by the weather conditions. Wind and rain may be typical, but they’re not ideal for those wanting to have a chat.

Fortunately, technology is coming to the rescue. It’s now possible to buy bluetooth headsets and helmets that can be worn on the back of a bike.

When worn by both the rider and passenger, they allow the two to have a conversation. Indeed, the technology is clever enough to take into account any background noise.

Suddenly, the idea of having a chat on the back of a bike becomes much more simple.